i-Prevent – AXIS


Prevention is Better than Cure

i-Prevent tracks the actual usage of the machine and alerts the users and maintenance teams in-time when a Preventive Maintenance is due. With it’s built-in feature to group the Preventive maintenances in relevant categories like Lubrication, Spindle, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical, Transmission,  Calibration, etc, it becomes super easy to alert just the relevant teams. 

i-Prevent allows you to create a PM SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for each Maintenance type and duration and ensures that all points on the SOP are completed when a Preventive Maintenance is carried out. The maintenance history of the machine is available at a click and the reports can be printed out for further filing. i-Prevent also supports recommending spares for upcoming maintenance’s and can track availability of the same. 

Operators and maintenance teams can see the current status of the machines and the  upcoming maintenance and be prepared for them. i-Prevent improves the machine’s performance by ensuring Preventive maintenance is carried out in time and keeping a track of the same.

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