The K199 is the smallest machine in the K Series. It uses motors with ball screws for linear axis movement. The screws are mounted on cooled supports providing an excellent guarantee against thermal drift.

Features and layout

Linear axes travelXYZ
(mm)1650 (65”)750 (30”)850 (33”)
Axes speed
(m/min)30 (1181 ipm)
Milling Spindlesbi-rotary continuous/indexed
Speed (1/min)24000
Max power (kW)55
Work-piece table:
Dimensions2000 x 1250 mm (79” x 49”)
T-Slotsn° 5 - pitch 250 mm (10”)
Loading capacity12000 kg (26455 lbs)
(*) +150 mm rotating the C axis with vertical spindle

Milling head assembled on K199


The M5A/55 continuous bi-rotary head is ideal for medium-size or large milling machines that perform the complete machining cycle, from roughing out to finishing, where higher torque and power are required in HSC applications.

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